About Us


Sustainably blending technology with the environment.

Take a piece of tree, turn it into something you can hold in your hand, and plant a tree.

Why Pacific Coast Greenwood?

We are committed to help you live your technological life naturally.

You get to look good in wood, and feel good too, knowing you caused the planting of a tree.

Grow With Us

Our roots sprouted on the Pacific Coast of the United States of America amidst a forest of the tallest trees on Earth, the Pacific Coast Redwoods. A redwood tree is a powerful reminder of how small we each are in this world, but equally a reminder of how grand our responsibility to Life is:

To protect and sustain what protects and sustains all of us.

In an age of computer screens that beautify what we see inside of our doors, we all must find ways to remind ourselves of what beauty exists naturally outdoors.

What’s left? What’s worth saving?

The modern human life involves technologies that are intended to increase efficiency, productivity, and even longevity. However, living a long, happy and healthy life will not be possible if we continue to stare at our screens all day without giving back to the natural life that we grow from.

We plant a redwood for every product you purchase.

Hearing music from a beautiful, wooden Bluetooth speaker, or feeling the grain of wood in your hand each time you type, Skype, text, tweet, e-mail or make a phone call.

We are here to help you become a better steward of life, starting with your own life.

Take our hand in environmental stewardship and take a stand against unsustainable businesses and lifestyles, and together we can stand taller like the redwoods knowing we are doing our small part to sustain a big world.

Whenever you feel the grain of time in a grain of sustainably harvested wood, remember that you planted one of the tallest trees on Earth.