Plant a Tree

We Plant Trees for Sustainability

Here at Pacific Greenwood, we plant a tree for every product we sell.

The footprints you leave in the dirt are your steps to take, but everyone could use a little help.

Pacific GreenWood is here to help you take steps to a greener world:

You get a little piece of hand-crafted sustainability and together we put a tree in the ground.

But why a tree?

As human beings we have a responsibility to that which sustains us. Whether we see ourselves as caretakers of the earth and its wild creatures or not, we must never forget that we too are one of those wild creatures. With great privilege comes great responsibility, and whether we cling to our iPhones or a phone or computer at all, we must live better for ourselves, for the rest of humanity, and for the rest of all Life as we know it. We simply must; the quality of your life depends on it, the quality of every life depends on it.

Save the world one tree at a time? Why would someone plant a tree?

A tree is a powerful symbol of life on earth. That which begins so small and seemingly lifeless, but which roots and sprouts and grows into a towering sheltering purifying life-giving miracle. Each of us humans begins small as we sprout and grow with the grain of time, but we too need to give back to this life force which sustains everyone and everything.

To Plant a Tree represents a way of thinking, a way of giving, but most importantly a way of living.

Stand out in a crowd looking good in wood; but more importantly every time you text or type or check your phone each day, be reminded of the tree you planted and remember your commitment to environmental stewardship.

How you live daily with or without a phone or a sustainable piece of a tree; the choices you make for your own survival; are what makes the world a better greener place.

Spread the word, Spread the wood, Spread the love, Sustain Life.